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A good start for any business is an insight. An insight is just what Sanjeev Mukhija identified when he performed a focus group study to ask Indian people what ‘Streetwear’ is. Most of the public saw streetwear as jeans and t-shirts, something you could wear casually. Growing up in the 90s, Sanjeev was right in the centre of the counterculture movement brought in by Supreme, BAPE, Stüssy etc. Comparing the scene at the international level and in India, streetwear was non-existent here, even when the young audience pined after it. This study identified a gap in the Indian fashion market and became the definitive story behind Breakbounce.

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  • Lack of knowledge on Streetwear as a trend in the audience.
  • Major offline presence but subpar online brand recognition & recall.
  • Lack of D2C success but inventory movement on marketplaces meant people liked the clothes but the brand recall was suffering.


  • Providing a popular place to showcase the new trends made not only the early adopters but also the early majority rush as well.
  • A D2C channel that would provide Breakbounce with an opportunity to be omnipresent and work towards the larger goal of omni-fulfilment.
  • Overhauling social media & jump starting digital campaigns made Breakbounce come to the forefront.

“Work in progress brand for a work in progress generation” is the brand slogan for Breakbounce. Clearly, the clothes are focused for millennials and Gen Zs. Once Breakbounce figured out their target audience, it did not take them long to realise that this audience shops online more than offline. To make their clothes reach as many people as possible, Breakbounce needed a partner who could exponentially scale up their D2C online. Improving Breakbounce’s D2C produced its own sets of challenges since the brand had been in existence for a decade already. Putting all the offline SKUs and prepping the system for top-notch inventory management for new products required careful backend management. 

As the GreenHonchos team started working on optimising Breakbounce’s D2C website, we found that the demand for streetwear was very much alive but the brand visibility and further brand recognition was still missing. To treat that, GreenHonchos set out to run ads to increase paid audience and campaigns on social media to engage customers and increase organic visibility. This resulted in more than INR 5 Mn monthly revenue, from scratch. Breakbounce was now looking at INR 30 Mn+ annual revenue. The brand was becoming visible to more and more people, with over 1.5 Mn annual visitors, of which 35,000+ were converting to sales. At the same time, we also made sure that the offline inventory is visible online to provide an enhanced experience to the customer. The D2C website of Breakbounce has over 2,000 active SKUs at any given time.

For a brand that has achieved visibility & recognition, the next step comes to be consumer retention. GreenHonchos proved to be a valuable partner in this by making sure all the customer questions and concerns were being addressed online. From social media grievance redressal to transactional emails, everything was overhauled to provide an elevated customer experience, contributing to 20% reduction in returns.

GreenHonchos successfully doubled the growth of monthly revenue in only a matter of 4 months. Through a holistic integration of technology, advertisement and media, we could provide Breakbounce with the need of the moment – a phygital experience they were looking for.

Sanjeev Makhija, BB

The team at GH has an in-depth understanding of the eCommerce domain that we depend on for our strategic decisions to scale Breakbounce across online. Across technology and digital, the levels of engagement go beyond primary results. Their business team has insights on range planning with a keen eye on profitability metrics. We look forward to building this out towards a special brand journey together.

Sanjeev Mukhija

(Owner – Breakbounce)



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