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Zink London is a women’s fashion brand with a very strong retail presence in India. Operating in 34 cities with over 800 stores pan-India, Zink London enjoys a strong brand recall and the price model enables it to target women from all the demographic groups. When the pandemic hit, Zink London’s offline services suffered the blow of lockdowns, disrupted services and restricted movement, however, it was one of the few brands that jumped on the D2C bandwagon early in the day. Thus they could deploy their online services to service their customers.

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  • Improving customer experience on an enterprise-grade brand.
  • Introducing modules to give Zink London tailor-made functionalities.
  • Limited scalability options on legacy eCommerce platforms.


  • Introducing a headless and serverless eCommerce platform made through deconstructing a monolithic platform and democratising modules to make them work seamlessly.

  • Engineering 10+ custom modules keeping the brand’s demands at the centre.

  • Providing turnkey solutions to enhance brand’s performance metrics.

Zink London started its journey into D2C with a leading legacy eCommerce platform but towards the beginning of 2020, the brand started to do well and planned on truly unlocking the potential of itself, leveraging the 800 retail stores to provide a seamless experience. That’s when the brand decided to go for a version upgrade. The brand wanted a headless and serverless structure integrated into the platform itself since the brand had already invested in it. After getting the brief from the brand, the tech team of over 80 people at GreenHonchos started working on the headless version update.

A lot of manpower and talent is wasted on grunt work like creating different categories and their tags, cataloguing and keeping a track of sales/discounts. The repetitive nature of this work results in small yet critical mistakes, driving the precision down. The KartmaX by GreenHonchos team had already automated all of these processes and made it so that data could be mapped in an excel sheet against the SKUs for cataloguing and category-tagging. This was completely automated and schedulable, much like the functionality of automating and scheduling different sales and discounts from the dashboard itself, giving the brand the power to set parameters like price, products, time etc.

An effective search bar is imperative as customers are used to search engines and marketplaces, thus, relying on the traditional search, sorting & filtering system which was incapable of providing the best results becomes a major pitfall for CX. To fix this leak, the team borrowed tech from KartmaX and implemented an AI-based engine that provides a more sophisticated & predictive search system.

RTO is mostly an India-specific problem and many businesses incur huge losses due to it. To minimise RTOs, the team stepped up and created a custom returns module for Zink London which was coupled with the pin code blocker which allowed the brand to restrict or block the COD options at high RTO areas, GreenHonchos helped the brand in dramatically reducing their RTO losses. To provide quick refunds for the returns, the team built a custom key that allowed easy syncing of the sales of the mobile app and the website and provided all the data on the dashboard.

Facilitating coupons and discounts, the GreenHonchos tech team developed a Coupon & Discounts module which gave the marketing team complete control over the analytics and status of the coupons & discounts. To hook retarget the customers & drive conversions, the team enabled customised & personal Abandoned Cart emails & push notifications to be pushed out on defined timelines. 

The flexibility of payments is something that every consumer has been wanting. From no-cost EMIs to a horde of UPI & bank integrations, Zink London provides all the popular payment options. The GreenHonchos marketing team also enabled Facebook and Instagram shops and a shop-by-look section on the website that showcased different styles that can be bought through a single tap.

The tech team of GreenHonchos was instrumental in converting a legacy eCommerce platform to a completely custom website with new-age technical capabilities. The team boosted the consumer experience through a painstaking analysis of the website heatmaps, combined with the brand’s requirements and delivered a website that could handle over 250k users and over 400k sessions monthly. As the number keeps growing, Zink London is nimble as ever and is soon becoming a tough competitor for fellow women’s brands.

Siddharth Dungarwal, Snitch

GreenHonchos helped the brand in their growth journey on Amazon via AMS in scaling up the visibility and conversion. With an astute consulting execution and usage of emerging technologies like AdTech & MarTech, GreenHonchos was successful in carving out a winning strategy for the brand in record time. And as they say, the rest is history!



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