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Ketch, a subsidiary of Brand Studio, started its journey into the apparel industry at the beginning of 2018. As a digital-first, tech-enabled brand, Ketch positioned itself as a brand committed to ‘creating a better everyday style’. Ketch is an umbrella brand with five brands under its wings, these are Highlander, Locomotive, Tokyo Talkies, Vishudh, Ketch and Black Coffee. Following its booming presence on Myntra where 5 of its 6 brands quickly started appearing in bestsellers, Ketch wanted to replicate the same Marketplace success to its D2C.


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  • Starting its D2C journey from zero.
  • Establishing a brand presence as ‘Ketch”.
  • Creating brand-consumer relationships and making Ketch a trustworthy name. 


  • Providing turnkey solutions through in-house SaaS eCommerce platform, KartmaX which provides limitless scalability.
  • Starting social media campaigns and focusing on brand communications with stakeholders.
  • Focusing on reviews and ensuring a delighting post-purchase customer service that improves CLV & RLV.

The first step to take Ketch on the D2C journey was to shortlist an eCommerce platform that could understand an Indian brand’s needs, can offer limitless scalability and is agile enough to handle thousands of orders realtime, close to real-time SKU updates and is deconstructed to allow different APIs to work seamlessly. KartmaX proved to be such a tool that could handle the various tasks thrown at it with ease. Once the Ketch team had settled on the eCommerce platform, it was time to start developing the UI/UX.

KartmaX provided an easy drag and drop theme maker which made designing the website easy and for custom pages, a well-equipped team of UI/UX designers took the charge. After the initial website was done, the category management team took charge of the assortment study according to the sales trends analysis. Upon careful collection creation, the team moved on to product identification and visual merchandising. To maximise conversions and maintain a healthy stock movement, the team decided to show a blend of most selling products and new arrivals on collection pages. 

To communicate the brand’s foray into the D2C category, the branding team worked on an all-digital launch campaign and the performance team started an integrated campaign in tune with the launch campaign to maximise eyeball captures and generate brand awareness. Using the latest AdTech tools, the team drove an efficient and ROI-focused integrated campaign of Social Media and Paid ads that had a holistic mix of all Paid Ad forms, i.e., Google Ads, Instagram ads & Facebook ads etc. This made sure that the brand name was out there on the forefront whenever the relevant audience searched for anything Ketch related, eventually leading to around 36 Mn sessions annually.

In the mobile-first brand, it is increasingly important for brands to adapt to their consumers’ needs. There are nearly 749 million internet users in India, out of these, 744 million users access the internet via their smartphones regularly. For a pure play online brand like Ketch, having an app became the next step to catapult the sales. The in-house team of GreenHonchos specialised in analysing the customer heatmaps and had in-house data of 100+ leading D2C brands in India which helped them create an app map which was optimised to boost the movement of the stock, sales and enhance the consumer experience. 

The Ketch App had all the industry standard experience-enhancing capabilities and then some, considering it was punching above its weight and fighting it out with goliath marketplaces in India. The Ketch App provided the momentum to break into the market and eat the shares of the titans, scoring 50k downloads in just three months of its go-live. Not only this, the app has proved to be successful in being able to handle over 35,000 sessions and over 12,000 orders per day and over 250k new users browse Ketch products on the app. At the current time, the app is contributing to roughly 20% of Ketch’s total revenue. 

Choosing the right partner like GreenHonchos was instrumental in Ketch’s brand awareness journey as an everyday fashion brand. Using KartmaX, Ketch stepped into the D2C sector and established itself as a pan-India brand. With cutting-edge add-ons like Fraud Detection to reduce RTOs, Search AI – a headless search engine that gives results through AI data-input analysis, fully automated returns & a deep CRM integration to make the post-order experience better for the customers. KartmaX offers a democratic system where different APIs can work together seamlessly. This headless design made sure no manpower was spent on things that could be automated, thus, making it possible for Ketch to rely on it while focusing on other parts of the business. Utilising the digital foot map of its customers and analysing the heatmaps also contributed to product suggestions that would result in a faster stock movement.

One of the biggest growing fashion & apparel brands, Ketch, which has over 50k live SKUs, trusted KartmaX by GreenHonchos as its growth partner. This resulted in the brand achieving an exclusive online D2C channel, 12X ROAS on its ads across platforms and over 75% order growth in the last quarter, proving the need for a growth partner that understands the needs and demands of brands to grow in the new normal.

Having been one of the pioneers of technology and data led fashion companies, we have witnessed consumers evolve over time. While we have strived to deliver trends to larger India, we felt it was the right time to serve our consumers with direct touch points. For this we needed a partner that understood the nuances of e-commerce for crucial business drivers. GreenHonchos has provided a robust eCommerce platform KartMax & a sharp focus on agile Marketing solutions. Looking forward to raise the bar with this partnership with more innovations and customer value proposition.

Shyam S Prasad

(CEO – Brand Studio Lifestyle)



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