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Marca Disati was established in September 2016 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. With constant experimentation in fabric, designs and techniques the brand creates unique experiences through its products every season. It aims to be the leading fashion brand by offering distinct designs with a brand promise and exceptional shopping experience.

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Marca Disati came onboard with GreenHonchos in 2020, wanting to boost its D2C proposition. The brand consulted GreenHonchos on multiple areas, such as improving its eCommerce platform, building a robust omnichannel strategy, marketplace launch as well as designing and launching a new product line in record time. To date, this partnership has seen great new areas for growth and is going strong.

When Marca Disati came to GreenHonchos, the brand was still on a legacy platform that has a monolithic architecture. Due to this, the website suffered the agility and resource savvy nature of a headless and serverless platform. The biggest challenge that came due to the old platform was scalability. After consulting with GreenHonchos, the brand decided to go with KartmaX – a new age eCommerce platform that leverages Headless, Serverless and AI-powered innovations to help brands grow seamlessly and profitably. GreenHonchos revamped the entire platform with its headless-commerce solution architecture and made the brand ready for a digital leap.

Being an offline-first brand, COVID caught the brand by surprise. Since the old platform suffered issues of scalability, the user experience suffered greatly and when the brand saw this leak, GreenHonchos moved to plunge it by delivering a robust omnichannel solution integrating the offline inventory to the eCommerce store and ensuring maximum leverage. Covering the D2C front, GreenHonchos moved to explore new avenues at the marketplaces. One challenge that was causing a significant setback was Flipkart not allowing the brand to fulfil COD orders through its omnichannel enabled warehouses. To fix this, the marketplace management team of GreenHonchos worked closely with the tech team of Flipkart and made the brand operate via two separate accounts from the same GST.

After discussing a new growth area for Marca Disati, the brand team and GreenHonchos team decided to enter the plus-sized market in India. The marketplace management team performed a Market Study and found out that the Plus size apparel market was expected to grow to $5 Bn+ by next year. The team also found that this area was not getting catered to by a lot of brands in India, leaving behind a space for Marca Disati where there were not many labels and fashion choices for consumers

After the market study concluded, Merchandise Planning took the centre stage where the team worked on zeroing on the Designs, Options, Size Ratios that would be optimum for the plus-sized segment. Post this, a rigorous Cataloguing, Branding & Marketing exercise took place and the new catalogue was uploaded and made live on To market Marca Bold, the digital branding team took the reins and created bold, exclusive and disruptive campaigns to be posted on the brand’s social media. This, coupled with a tactful paid marketing strategy over Facebook and Google, helped Marca Bold get over 25 Mn ad impressions. This is how GreenHonchos and Marca Disati achieved the feat of going live with a new collection, ideated & executed in only 32 days.

There are great synergies between Marca and the GreenHonchos. They delivered an amazing job on Marca Bold with a superb team – a big Shout Out to them all! Their backend support was simply the best and ensured we made our timelines. Looking forward to a long-lasting relationship and building great learning to get the best out of each other.

Amit Chand

(Founder & CEO – Marca Disati)



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