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Bourge is the leading manufacturer of sports and casual footwear for men & women and kids. Bourge offers performance and sports-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Walking, Running, Training and Fitness. Using high technology and design innovation, Bourge continually creates what is aspired and not just what is necessary. As an Amazon exclusive brand, Bourge was excelling with INR 300k Ad spend per month and a 3X ROAS. For a mid-tier brand that is exclusively available on only one marketplace platform and is doing well, scaling becomes a goal that seems insurmountable. This is the story of how Bourge became the most known footwear brand with over 10 Mn impressions every day on Amazon.

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  • With a collection of more than 400k SKUs of footwear across multi-sub categories on Amazon, it was difficult for the brand to design successful campaigns every time. exponential growth at the onset of the D2C boom.
  • Understanding the endless metrics on Amazon and structuring marketing campaigns and monitoring performance was a challenge.
  • Positioning the brand on Amazon within the ocean of footwear sellers on its platform and availability of options in every possible price range and style.


  • Bringing in its extensive experience at the forefront, GreenHonchos devised a winning campaign strategy covering every aspect such as pricing, inventory, sell-through etc.

  • Business Drivers were identified to create a growth oriented strategy using deep analytics and machine learning for each sub-brand and product type to rank on Amazon’s algorithms against the competition.

  • Meticulous and exhaustive planning was undertaken to position the brand across all the 10 possible Ad placement options & also the relevant category & subcategory real estate that Amazon provides, catapulting the brand to unmatched visibility on the marketplace. 

Bourge partnered with GreenHonchos in March 2019 with the sole goal of scaling and taking the brand to new heights. At any given time, Bourge was dealing with almost 600 SKUs and around 400k inventory. The marketplace management team at GreenHonchos saw potential in the brand and started building it from the ground up from day 1. The first thing which the team did was gradually increase the ad spend and see how the sales would react. The team saw massive growth with the ROAS peaking at almost 7.7X when they increased the ad spend by 25X per day on BAU (business as usual) days and up to 70X per day on event days. The improved visibility helped boost the brand recall and in no time, people were searching for Bourge organically and 50% of their business was coming in this way.

As reports suggested, Bourge’s revenue was coming from three types of Ad categories: 

  1. Sponsored Product ads contributing to 50% of revenue and averaging at ~7.15X ROAS, 
  2. Sponsored Brand ads contributing to 30% of revenue and averaging at ~7.70X ROAS 
  3. Display Ads contributing to the remaining 20% revenue and averaging at ~11X ROAS, scoring higher due to relevant audience targeting and remarketing, through customised image and video creatives  

After careful optimisations and stepping into different types of ads including the PLA ads which provide a more sophisticated targeting, the team moved forward to decrease the ACoS. Through a complete build-up of the brand store page and A+ content, branding on Amazon leveraged the brand recall value and higher click-through rate on listing ads. A successful rigorously researched & timely updated keyword strategy with key competition product targeting, helped the team to chop down the ACoS to another 4% owing to the boost in Display Ad campaign at 12X ROAS.

Post the initial hygiene, the team started to increase the ad spend more and at their peak, they were spending INR 250k and on event days the number went up to INR 700k spent every day. Bourge had achieved omnipresence on Amazon, appearing not only at all the 10 sponsored placements but also at all the relevant categories & subcategory placements at Amazon. The results? Over 30k pairs of shoes were sold in the Great Indian Festival sales over 5 days, fetching INR 1.5 Cr in revenue while the ads maintained a minimum of 5X ROI. In BAU days, the increased visibility led to a tremendous increase in the stock movement where it only took 10 days for shoes to go out of stock from the date of launch.

To reduce any loss in opportunities, the marketplace team did a comprehensive review of the stock cover and gave a 10-day forecast of depleting stock levels on an SKU level a month before the inventory would run out of the products. A detailed article-wise analysis for better product suggestions, discounts and price modelling was also shared by GreenHonchos that helped Bourge become one of the top three brands in the Running, Walking and Sports footwear category. 

Siddharth Dungarwal, Snitch

GreenHonchos helped the brand in their growth journey on Amazon via AMS in scaling up the visibility and conversion. With an astute consulting execution and usage of emerging technologies like AdTech & MarTech, GreenHonchos was successful in carving out a winning strategy for the brand in record time. And as they say, the rest is history!



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