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W for Woman was born in 2001, as a part of TCNS Clothing Co. LTD. W prides itself to be the only brand in the Indian retail space which specialises in and offers Indian contemporary wear. It quickly became a go-to brand label for women who preferred a casual ethnic look by performing regular trends analysis and interest-intent examination from the fashion world to forecast their designs and transform them into styles capable of appealing to the modern Indian women.

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In 16 year of business, W for Woman’s store count stands at 400+ across the globe. For a brand with such a significant presence offline, exploring online avenues becomes a necessity. Addressing this, W started its online journey and after one year of consistent scaling, the brand eventually ran into bottlenecks that disrupted its marketing efforts and scale. W partnered with GreenHonchos in 2018 to solve the scalability issues on a monolithic architecture that were holding it back from reaching out to new potential consumers. GreenHonchos has enabled its e-commerce solutions, from revamping their tech infrastructure to improving their spends, and has been instrumental in its digital scale-up.


  • Out-of-date Online Platform that was causing constant performance issues.
  • The website was constrained in managing visits beyond a certain level resulting in lower ROAS.
  • The brand website was not optimised for mobile while a major part of the traffic was mobile bound.


  • The existing platform was revamped with the new version and empowered with the required tools to ensure error-free performance.
  • The online engine was integrated with the marketing channels and server capacities built for inbound acquisitions.
  • The Front-end website was developed as an inBrowser Application that leveraged the concepts of PWA and Serverless.

While going through a routine hygiene exercise, W saw an anomaly where customers were dropping at the checkout process, due to which, the conversion rates were getting affected. After further prodding, the team found out that the checkout process, which should ideally take around 5-7 seconds, was taking around 2.5X more, leading to the customers dropping out mid-session before making the purchase. To solve this, the tech team at KartmaX by GreenHonchos was deployed to make a custom checkout module which would bypass the conventional checkout module offered by the platform. W saw the acumen of the KartmaX tech team and decided to overhaul its website in a much more aggressive manner by switching the platform.

Being a pan-India brand, W’s focus was to leverage the online channel to reach remote consumers who showed interest in the brand but could not access the brand store. As D2C offers an opportunity for a greater brand-customer relationship, W’s marketing team started investing in online marketing strategies more only to hit a wall – the website could not keep up with the marketing efforts of the team. To solve this problem, W decided to go with the headless, serverless and AI-powered KartmaX which could help W unlock the vast D2C potential easily.

The tech team of 80+ tech gurus started working on W, deconstructing the monolithic structure of the legacy architecture and removing the frontend from the backend, making it possible for the frontend and backend to work separately and independently. This also paved the way for easier maintenance of the website without closing down the online operations. To improve the customer experience, the team broke down the frontend and built it back up according to the brand’s directions. A custom product listing homepage was built to ensure superior stock movement while a serverless backend was installed to rid W of the limited server dependency.

At the next step, the team gathered from internal insights that most Indians don’t keep a track of their emails and moreover, the instinctive purchases are hindered by logging in issues where logging into your account becomes a 3 to 5 step process, depending on if the customer remembers their password or if they are a new user. To curb this leakage, the team built a functionality wherein the customers would only need their mobile number and they can sign in through their OTP. Not only this, the customers will be able to sign up for W through this and can check their previous orders easily too. To keep the customer’s data intact during the transition, the team synced the complete customer’s data to the new platform. 

KartmaX by GreenHonchos proved to be instrumental in W’s online scale by providing end-to-end tech solutions tailored to its needs and demands. Choosing the right partner who analyses the situation, provides insights and gets the job done in the stipulated time is an important step in building a D2C brand. KartmaX continues to power W and helps them extend their brand name across online platforms.


What has set the partnership with GreenHonchos apart is their engagement at both levels: strategic and operational. GreenHonchos team has continued to dramatically innovate on the product offering to keep us ahead of the curve, without losing sight of the immediate improvements required to deliver on business-as-usual.

Saurabh Bansal

(Head Omni & eCommerce – TCNS Clothing)



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