GreenHonchos Holistic approach

Holistic approach

With such rapid growth, eCommerce marketplaces are no longer a channel of choice, but a strategic imperative to scale business. From listing to competitive intelligence, we drive plans to drive brand visibility and revenue.

Channel Management

In depth understanding of the industry helps in creating an end-to-end strategy across all online points of sale. The key is to mitigate risks through constant experimentation and arrive at processes that can work and scale.

GreenHonchos Merchandising Inputs

Merchandising Inputs

Calculating sales velocity, incorporating lead time and predicting sales spikes are the secret sauce to boost sales from merchandise exposed. Competition analysis, product & price positioning inputs completes the merchandising cycle for the brands.

GreenHonchos Multi Channel Inventory

Multi Channel Inventory

Driving efficiencies of stock across channels and models to achieve maximum sell through is our primary goal. Suggestions on regional utilization, cut on extended lead times & returns management is factored in the planning process.

GreenHonchos Content Creation

Content Creation

Success in the online marketplaces is dictated by how you uniquely position products. Enhanced content and imagery are the key to outshine your products. An optimized catalog includes organizing, standardizing, publishing the product with rich, consistent customer-ready product information.

GreenHonchos Sponsored Marketing

Sponsored Marketing

As channel partners continue to innovate with diverse advertising options, this has become an integral supplement to grow sales. Competing on pricing, multiple fulfillment modes, customer reviews, content optimization and visibility draws a full circle to enhanced ROI.

GreenHonchos Payments Reconciliation

Payments Reconciliation

This has been the Achilles heel for business owners. Our intuitive dashboards keep tight control of your P&L, with simplified and accurate reporting of each expense header & focus on leakage areas … closing the loop with proven accuracy levels above 98% consistently.