• Fulfillment Solutions

    Simplifying your last mile delivery and close–the–loop experience

    Order Management

    The critical activity of stock and price management in the backend, along with inventory sync and updates is critical for the smooth post order functioning. Our backend operations staff will monitor all aspects of the catalog information relevant to order processing in a timely fashion that will allow your Retail business to efficiently and scalably function.

    Logistics Assistance

    While the last mile delivery process begins at the level of automation that exists on the technology platform, it is imperative to operate in a flexible environment with multiple shippers across diverse serviceable networks and diverse payment options. Our logistics experts understand these subtle nuances to accelerate timely and accurate delivery for you.

    Customer Interaction Management

    Deep CRM & Dialer integration enables our guest-relations staff to provide the most updated order status and product related information to your customer. The multi-channel service training we impart across voice, email and chat make us ‘customer delight’ ready to service your Brand.

    Warehouse Operations

    As an extended service offering to our clients, GreenHonchos offers full end-to-end support that includes warehousing as well as pack-n-ship. It operates like a complete online partner model where we take on all aspects of your online channel as a turnkey solution.