September 20th, 2023

Spread Love and Compassion

On the contrary, as of September 24, 2023, India is home to 7465 Old Age Homes. The latest census data reveals that approximately 15 million seniors in the country live alone, with women constituting three-quarters of this group. Traditionally, Indian culture has held the elderly in high esteem, affording them a position of respect and significance within the family structure. Today, thanks to this forgotten belief, many of these seniors, live in old age homes, in the shadows of neglect, longing for companionship and care.

Economic constraints and social dynamics have led to an increasing number of senior citizens finding refuge even in old age homes. However, these sanctuaries are more than just shelters; they are homes that crave the warmth of love and the touch of compassion. The residents, who come from diverse economic backgrounds, share a common thread of solitude and a yearning for connection.

Recognizing this, GreenHonchos, as part of its CSR initiative, took a step towards bridging this gap of love and care. Our team, imbued with a sense of purpose, visited Mata Rambeti Old Age Home, carrying not just essential needs but hearts full of warmth and ears eager to listen to the untold tales of these wonderful souls.

The day spent with the elderly was not just about material contributions; it was a rich tapestry of shared stories, laughter, and moments of genuine connection. Our team was reminded that kindness transcends generations and that even the smallest act of love can light up lives. It was a poignant realization that while we may be busy building our future, we must not forget those who have built our past.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the GH Team for their enthusiastic participation in the GH Cares Initiative. Your involvement signifies more than just corporate responsibility; it is a testament to our collective human values and the belief that we can make a significant difference in the lives of our community’s elders.

This initiative is a reminder that in the rush of our daily lives, pausing to spread love and compassion can be the most fulfilling journey. At GreenHonchos, we are deeply committed to continuing this journey, ensuring that our senior citizens feel cherished, heard, and valued.

Mata Rambeti Old Age Home

Manav Mandir Gurukul is one of the arms of Manav Mandir Mission Trust conceived by Acharya Shree Roopchandra Ji Maharaj. The Gurukul is devoted to the idea of Sadhana (Discipline) and Seva (Service). In the direction of bringing a positive change and providing holistic education to the children belonging to needy and deprived sections of the society, the Gurukul was started on the auspicious Mahavir Jayanti Day in 1993 in the temple building, at Ganga Vihar, Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi.


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