19th – 21st August, 2020 | 55 min

Leveraging Tech In The Business Logistics & Fulfillment Domain

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Technology in the business Logistics & Fulfillment domain  ( 21st August, 2021)

The eCommerce market was estimated to reach $200 billion by 2026, but the pandemic gave it a massive boost and accelerated the growth by several years. The market is quick growth tragic-free, but one segment in the highlight that is being a key enabler in its growth- Logistics.

As this growth continues, there will be more pressure on logistics partners for flexible & agile solutions. The need for fast delivery services & better technology to improve customer experience has become the need of the hour. As the future logistics of logistics will be determined by the speed of responding to market change & staying ahead of the demand curve. And this is riddled with challenges.

How do you effectively leverage technology?

Event Highlights

  • Leveraging Tech in the business Logistics & Fulfillment domain
  • Challenges & Future plans of logistics industry
  • Adoption & advantages of Omni channel model
  • Entering into Tier 1 & 2 demographics
  • Challenges in warehouse logistics
  • Shipway offerings in pandemic
  • Scaling up in infrastructure & Tech to meet high demand
  • Is omnichannel technology stable & here to stay?
  • Returns Policy in Unicommerce
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs to enter logistics
  • Reducing Refund Cycle Time
  • Preparation for loss of COD returns
  • What kinds of business need to have physical channels?
  • Risk of abuse of Return Policies
  • Trends & Opportunities in logistics industry
  • Q&A

Session Speakers & Moderator

Gaurav Gupta

Co Founder

Pranav Gupta

Founder & Director

Navin Joshua

Founder & CEO

Sunil Kumar

Enterprise Sales

Madanmohan Rao

Research Director


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