27th June, 2020 | 58 min

The Omnichannel Super Saturday

The biggest retailers of our nation come together to talk about the challenges faced in eCommerce & otherwise during lockdown. Get insights on how they mitigated these issues and took their business to the next level. Let’s take a dive and analyse the shift in customer engagement across businesses, be it wedding garments, eyewear, FMCG, online groceries or shoes. How did the online grocery juggernaut Big Basket solve the growing demand with a finite supply during lockdown? How are big retail chains working on using the dark stores? Letz Talk with GreenHonchos, Bata, FabIndia, Lenskart, Big Basket, Kalki Fashion and The Yellow Straw.

Event Highlights

  • The Omnichannel Super Saturday @Indiaretailing1
  • Communication shift that achieved consumer loyalty for FabIndia
  • Using webinars & focus groups to cater the Skinny Indian Lockdown weddings
  • Which categories became a priority during the lockdown for Bata
  • Problem solving the growing demand & lessening supply by Big Basket
  • Problem solving the growing demand & lessening supply by Big Basket
  • How focus on health changed a juice chain’s menu
  • Effective use of tech & accelerating customer adoption by Lenskart
  • Enabling eCommerce & accelerating growth with GreenHonchos
  • Using cloud telephony & customer data effectively to reach a better customer service
  • Impact on international businesses & exporting
  • Expert Insights: Rise in intent, in-page & on-site analytics
  • Need v/s demand: how to develop the in-store experience moving forward
  • Shifts seen in FMCG to achieve customer trust
  • An effective use of space: no more dark stores
  • Digitisation expertise: a step forward for the retail staff
  • Conclusion: Analysing the shifts in eCommerce

Session Speakers & Moderator

Subhajit Majumdar

Director, Strategic Growth

Arun Naikar

Head eCommerce

Shishir Gupta

Director & Founder

Kumar Sambhav

Sr. Vice President

Arun Jayaraman

Head Of Marketing

Arun Jayaraman

Head Of Marketing

Navin Joshua

Founder & Director


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